Playlists! By a weird old trans lady

Hey! Virgo season was a definite improvement for me, even if the world at large is still fucked. These are here on time on the 23rd. More French this month; maybe something was just in the air. I also apparently manifested (1) the Waa Wei "Transformers" video (2) Kacey covering "Gracias a la Vida". Rest in power Scratch.

Side A

Side B

Since early 2018 (so essentially since I came out), I've been making playlists of what I'm listening to every month, focusing more heavily on new releases as I've gotten used to the format.

For whatever reason, I decided to go by zodiac signs instead of the Julian calendar. I post them on the last day of the sign, looking back, rather than naming them after the upcoming one. So you're reading this in Virgo season.

They're about 4.5 hours long. I used to do radio, so it's about the same amount of content (one hour or two hours per week, depending). Sometimes I don't have enough spoons for a "side A"/"side B" vibe and it's just one.

I do very much obsess about the order, so try them without shuffle if you like. Lately, you will find a lot of non-English pop on side A (mostly from Taiwan, Ukraine, and Brazil). Side B tends to be more instrumental. I grew up on drum & bass and anything else you'd hear on a UK pirate station, if it's not obvious.

(For other playlists, you can browse my profile.)

I might write more about this, but for now, enjoy. I also might write about how Spotify is a shitty platform and what I'm coding to be more resilent to technological capture and promote wherever you can actually give artists money. If you're from my generation: streaming is the radio and the cassette player that you use to make the pause tape. Bandcamp is the CD store.