Mixtapes! By a weird old trans lady

Since early 2018 (so essentially since I came out), I've been making playlists/mixtapes of what I'm listening to every month, focusing more heavily on new releases as I've gotten used to the format.

For whatever reason, I decided to go by zodiac signs instead of the Julian calendar. I post them on the last day of the sign, looking back, rather than naming them after the upcoming one. So you're reading this in Aquarius season.

At the end/beginning of the calendar year, releases tend to thin out a bit, giving us more time to catch up and the opportunity to do just one "side". So here it is.

Side A


All the mixes are about 4.5 hours long. I used to do radio, so it works out to roughly the same amount of content (one hour or two hours per week; you can fit more in with edits and mixing. One of my early shows was just called Edits). Sometimes I don't have enough spoons for a "side A"/"side B" vibe and it's just a single mix.

I do very much obsess about the order, so try them without shuffle if you like. Lately, you will find a lot of non-English pop on side A (mostly from Taiwan, Ukraine, Brazil, France...). Side B tends to be more instrumental. I grew up on drum & bass and anything else you'd hear on a UK pirate station, if it's not obvious.

(For the history of these, and other playlists, you can browse my profile.)

I might write more about this, but for now, enjoy. I also might write about how Spotify is a shitty platform and what I'm coding to be more resilent to technological capture and promote wherever you can actually give artists money. If you're from my generation: streaming is the radio and the cassette player that you use to make the pause tape. Bandcamp is the CD store.